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What's New?
The Spirit II Tactical Knife, Blued.
Official Release Date: 06-27-05

Knife Overview:

  • MSRP $49.95
  • Designed in the U.S.A. by Tim DuBetz
  • Manufactured & produced by Mustang High Quality Knives
  • 1st Edition, Signature Series
  • About 13" overall length
  • Full tang
  • Deep olive colored, diamond textured "sure grip" hand grip
  • Nearly indestructable nylon fiberglass blend handle
  • Available in silver and blued models
  • Anchor/climber help handguard
  • "Striker" end cap (please see warning below)
  • Fully removable blade
  • 4MM thick 440 stainless steel blade
  • Extreme hardened HRC 56/58 (blade hardness)
  • Multi-mount heavyweight canvas tactical sheath w/snap closure
  • Large front collapsible pouch on sheath
  • Includes 2 fully adjustable mounting straps
  • Sheath features a removeable belt/boot clip
  • Four corner leg tie eyelets
  • Unlimited mounting possibilities (auto steering column, gear bags, can be shoulder, side, back or thigh mounted, LBE's, hunting or photographers vests, shotgun stocks, gas cans, tent poles, can be mounted upside down, use your imagination)

It is understood that DuBetz Designs, Mustang High Quality Knives, and Joy Enterprises cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused to any person or object from the use or misuse of any portion of this product. The Striker end cap is designed to aid rescue workers by makeing short work of breakables (glass) with minimal force being needed. Striking a persons skull may cause serious permanent injury or death.

Words From The Designer, Mr. DuBetz:
"When I began designing this latest series of tactical knives I wanted to address several aspects that knife manufacturers don't typically tackle, even by the "top of the line" manufacturers. The first aspect was the sheath. I wanted it to be 100% universal in mounting capability, and we achieved that. No matter how the user wishes to carry or tote these knives it's covered, there is no limit to the way they can be mounted (or transported). In addition to the mounting we chose a heavyweight canvas covering allowing the user to abuse it. What makes this covering so popular (with our line) is that users don't have to worry about it. Unlike plastic or Kydex sheaths, our canvas won't "break" in sub-zero temperature when tossed about. Being that the sheaths are standard Military olive drab these knives also make great knives for Military personnel.

The next area to tackle was the knife design. I insisted that they be extreme hardened to a 56/58 HRC and removable for easier sharpening. I don't want to point fingers but there are a couple of "major" manufacturers who only harden to 46/48 HRC. I chose an oval shaped hand grip that features a diamond pattern sure-grip with an oval shape that fits the hand well. The handle itself is nearly indestructible.
From start to finish this series took nearly 21 months. I also designed the box that the knives come in and every promotional ad produced for this series, no other designer has accomplished this. The end result is a higher end tactical knife that anyone can afford. Some have mentioned that they do not like the white "Mustang" on the handle. We suggest taping the knife off and picking up some Testors matte (or flat) black paint to cover it up."